Podere Il Cassero - appartamenti vacanze, agriturismo
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What you can find to the Cassero (now)

Entertainment, games and other...: common kitchen; common group and grill; swimming pool; ping-pong; practise archery; badminton; agricultural tools to disposition of volounteer; bird-watching, wood walk. Fish-squirrel-fox-porcupine-boar-watching; fossils looking for; archeological looking for (on the outskirts of should be the magificent never found tomb of the Etruscan king Porsenna).

Visits to art places and history; thermal localities and lagos in the beam of 20 km;...to scratch itself belly.
Naturally, seen the state of podere puts into effect, advises themselves to come fortified of stretches, caravan or roulotte, or to try the night's passing in some near structure. When they are available the apartments will come modernized these pages: stay tuned!

Podere Il Cassero - vocabolo Cassero 26/28 - 06062 Città della Pieve (PG) - Italia - Tel e Fax 0578 298 987